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It is vital any work on gas fittings and appliances is done correctly and safely. Our gasfitters are the reliable choice when you need someone to safely install, repair, maintain or service anything from gas hobs and ovens to gas hot water systems, gas heaters and fireplaces.

LPG or Natural Gas?

Tauranga, Rotorua, Pyes Pa, Mt Maunganui, Papamoa and Whakatāne all benefit from town-supply Natural Gas, and a large proportion of houses in these areas either already have a gas connection or will have access to a property boundary gas connection.

If you don’t have a Natural Gas connection, it’s not a problem. LPG is just as good, it’s totally affordable, and with two 45 kg LPG bottles on an outside wall of your house there is very little chance you will run out of gas. There are a number of companies in the Bay of Plenty who can check and swap your 45 kg gas cylinders regularly (or on request).

Gas Appliance Servicing

Updating Gas Appliances

In regularly-serviced gas hot water and gas appliances, both Natural Gas (town supply/metered gas) and LPG (bottles/cylinders) are clean-burning fuels that can power a healthy home.

Faulty or undermaintained gas hot water systems and appliances can be a danger and a waste. Over time, connection seals perish, valves wear out, and pipes, hobs and elements corrode. Badly-burning flames can produce deadly carbon monoxide, which is undetectable by smell. Gas leaks risk fire or explosion, and even the smallest leak will waste a lot of gas over days and weeks.

In NZ, only a qualified gas fitter is allowed to undertake certain aspects of gas hot water system maintenance, gas cooker and hob repairs, and gas heater repairs.

Liquid Plumbers & Gasfitters are Tauranga’s qualified, expert gas fitters. We can install, service and certify all kinds of home gas appliances for safety, reliability and efficiency. Talk to us about gas appliance repair and gas servicing today.

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Gas appliance Repair

Repair Your Old Gas Heater or Oven

As the saying goes, there’s nothing like cooking with gas. The instant change of temperature, the charm of the naked flame, and the ability to turn off the heat without taking the pan off the stove; all these factors make gas hobs/gas stoves the preferred cooking experience in the home or commercial kitchen.

Gas heaters too can create intense heat almost immediately. There are a number of different functional and aesthetic styles of gas heater. Some are open-flame and are made to look like a traditional woodfire, whether behind glass or not. Some use ceramic honeycombs to radiate heat outwards, while others have an inbuilt fan to push warm air around like a heat pump.

Liquid Plumbers and Gasfitters is the gas fitter Tauranga people trust for installing new gas appliances and gas hot water systems. Installing a gas hot water system in your home offer you faster water heating and lower energy consumption.

Talk to us about your gas appliance wish-list for your new-build home or renovation. Whether you need gas appliance repair or a new gas hot water system, Liquid Plumbers can provide with you faster and more affordable plumbing services.

Gas Appliance Upgrades

Maintain Your Old Gas Heater or Oven

Do you have a tacky old gas heater in your living room that doesn’t work? Does your existing gas stovetop not fit with your new décor? Upgrading to a new model gas appliance is easier than you think.

In Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty, a large proportion of gas appliances were installed when the houses were built, half a century ago. Time takes its toll on all appliances. Would you trust a 50-year-old electric heater to keep you warm in the depth of winter?

Modern gas appliances are more efficient, more reliable and safer in general. With a quality, recently-designed gas heater, you get more heat for your gas, less carbon emissions, better safety features and modern aesthetic options.

While you’re upgrading, if you want to change the location of a gas heater or gas oven Liquid Plumbers & Gasfitters is the team to talk to. Get in touch today to talk about gas appliance replacement in your home.

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Gas hot water changeovers

Electric to Gas Conversion

Electricity bill too high? Is your family sick of running out of hot water? Does your old hot water cylinder need moving or replacing? Make the switch to gas hot water with Liquid Plumbers & Gasfitters.

Most electric hot water cylinders heat water in a large tank, and the water inside it cools and heats over and over, wasting electricity and money.

An ‘on-demand’ hot water system like a Rinnai Infinity or Rheem gas hot water califont only heats the water as it’s coming out the tap.

Besides saving energy and money, a two-bottle or town supply gas hot water system won’t ever run out of hot water! And if you’re renovating, consider the space you could gain by moving your hot water system outside.

There are great reasons why Liquid is the Master Gas Fitter Tauranga residents choose for electric to gas hot water conversions. We offer competitive rates, transparent costings, expert advice and ample experience during the switch to a new gas hot water califont. 


Liquid Plumbers & Gasfitters are keen on quality-assured products and systems. Gas appliances and gas hot water califonts are long-term investments, and it’s worth choosing a brand that’s developed a name for itself over many years in NZ. Below are a couple of our favourites, Rinnai and Rheem.

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Rinnai have been a trusted name in New Zealand for over 40 years. Rinnai NZ is a subsidiary of Rinnai Corporation (Japan), but they develop an extensive range of products specific to NZ conditions and NZ standards. There have been over a million Rinnai appliances installed in Kiwi homes and businesses!

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Rheem have similarly offered dependable, trusted products in NZ for over 60 years. While the brand is originally American, Rheem are proud to be able to say that more than 75% of what they sell in NZ is made in NZ. Rheem have a dedicated Research & Development team here too.


Liquid Plumbers & Gasfitters believes in being as transparent as the water running through your taps, which is why we are upfront with our pricing so you know what to expect. We believe you will find our rates very competitive compared to other plumbers in Papamoa and the wider Bay of Plenty.

Gasfitting Rates


Per Hour

Mon – Fri 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM *excluding statutory holidays

Prices do not include GST. Vehicle/Travel Cost is $30 Minimum cost is equivalent to one hour of labour. Time is calculated in 15-minute increments



Per Hour

Mon – Fri 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM *including weekend holidays

Prices do not include GST Vehicle/Travel Cost included First hour of labour is $500; additional hours are $250 Minimum cost of one hour applies


Our Papamoa plumbing and gas experts also service Tauranga, Katikati, Waihi, Rotorua and Whakatane. If you are looking for a plumber, gasfitter or drainlayer in the Bay of Plenty, for installation, maintenance or servicing, give Liquid Plumbers & Gasfitters a call.

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